November a few years back, Lancaster/LA County Animal shelter had three American Akitas all dumped by their puppy mill breeder. One was a 12 week old puppy with unusual mannerisms. She looked like a bobble head toy with the way she shook.

So all three Akita girls were rescued by A Passion for Paws. The two older ladies who were likely Mom and Auntie – both had recently weaned a litter – were adopted to wonderful homes.

So that left the puppy now named Joy. She had a check up with Dr Ruppert who thought she had damaged her cerebellum (where her spine connects to her brain) It could have been before or after birth. So basically Joy has cerebral palsy. Joy has a very unique gait but it sure doesn’t slow her down. She did everything a normal puppy did except that she wobbled when she did it.

Kathy Jacobs recommended chiropractic treatments with Dr. Olsen. Since my back had really been bothering me, I thought what the heck? We can both go for treatment. It had very positive effects on both of us.

Akita Rescue in Palmdale: The Wobble Sisters

And then the following spring, Sissy showed up at the shelter. She was in rough shape. She could not even get up on to a bed in the shelter kennel. It became obvious she also had cerebral palsy. When Cathy Reilly and I pulled her from the shelter, she could not even walk out of the kennel building.

It became obvious that Joy and Sissy (Sunshine) were related. Not only do they both wobble but they have identical coats and color. Their first meeting brought tears to my eyes. They even have their own way of communicating.

With Sissy, the focus was on getting her physically active and in for chiropractic care. Dr Olsen uses laser therapy in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. Sissy blossomed. Sissy is actually the one who is not so severely impacted by the cerebral palsy but it is likely she was not allowed much exercise Her new active life style and chiropractic treatments have made a huge difference in her ability to move. She loves to race around in her own unique wobble way.

Joy and Sissy both say “Wobble On’

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