She passed the first test in the process to be a therapy dog with flying colors and now goes on supervised visits. She can't wait - especially for the visit where kids read to her. Ninka loves kids.

Ninka really enjoyed her first training trip as a therapy dog. She absolutely loves to visit. Here she is with a good dog friend Laura Mitobe who is recovering at Well Springs. Ninka is expanding her skill set while she waits for the perfect home.

Happy Tails at the Rockin' Red Dog


She was abandoned by her owner out in the High Desert. She came into the Lancaster/LA City matted and her coat was full of foxtails. She also had eye entropian. JACA paid for the surgery to fix her eye. About four marathon grooming sessions and a trip to the vet got all those nasty foxtails out. Then she caught the eye of the most amazing family. Here are before and after photos - her new family adores her and they all take turns grooming her and making her a true beauty.


This old gal's life just got better. Granma was pulled from Palmdale/LA County shelter today. Her POS dumped here three days ago. What do you want to bet the kids are getting a puppy for Christmas? Poor thing is a hot mess. Her coat and skin were so disgustingly dirty. She went straight from the shelter to the groomer's. Here is a picture of the rinse water from her second scrubbing.

​​​Rockin' Red Dog

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