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meet the wobble sisters

These two Japanese Akitas were rescued from Lancaster/LA County shelter. They were stuck out of public view because they were deemed aggressive. Both were dumped at the shelter by a supposedly 'breeder'. Please research before you buy a puppy. I have never seen a more devoted boy dog than Fritz. He loves his girl dog. I promised him they will never be separated again. See the Adoptions page for more information.

The Rockin Red Dog is focused on dogs needing sanctuary – whether temporary or for the long haul. With the exception of Zenji, all of the dogs here are rescued from L.A. area shelters. Zenji is the result of a well planned breeding program aimed at improving the Korean Jindo breed. The rest of the gang are pound hounds.

The Rockin Red Dog is not a 501c(3) non profit. We work very closely with two dedicated non – profit dog rescues but are financially independent of them.

  • A Passion for Paws Akita rescue has allowed over 40 Akita and Akita mixes to move through The Rockin Red Dog.
  • Two Dog Farms Jindo Rescue has been a pillar in Jindo rescue for almost a decade. Many Jindos have had the good fortune of being saved in our team efforts as well.
  • Korean Jindo Rescue
  • Japanese & American Akita Rescue
  • Education on breeds and behavior
  • Rockin' with the dogs
  • Hiking, biking and just having fun
  • Sanctuary for deserving souls both two legged and four pawed.

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